berlin dome church

I can’t explain what blood ties means

the very essence that runs thick

through my veins.

The power, passion, charisma,

selfish and selfless desires.


I can’t tell you how it feels,

the backstabbing, the honesty, the lies, and the graces.

There is more to life than a simple thank you,

and a heart felt good-bye.

Such ties can’t be undone,

no matter how hard you try.


And though you can try to break

what can’t be broken.

Blood still runs thick

and unspoken.


You may feel as I have felt

the loss and the gains.

The unforgivable pain that swells

within your soul. Looking

at what others have,

things you’ve been denied.

I can’t tell you how it feels,

because believe me, I feel it every time….


Perhaps you may think that I am petty,

overthinking what has already passed.

The days and moments that should have

been mine. Just like those in my past.

But I can tell you that I am no fool

I’ve seen what I lack

a sentiment that I wish to have enjoyed.


We build memories upon our thrones

decorate them with rare jewels;

the symbols of our happiness.

But scars run thick under stones,

and no matter how polished we believe ours to be

something that will never be whole.


In a way, our scars mark our paths,

teach us from past mistakes,

rebuilds us as who we are today;

a phoenix risen from the ashes,

red, gold, and every vibrant hue.


Yet still the pain comes crescendoing back

a memory to torment, bruise, and hack.

It tares us limb from limb

desecrating and reminding us of our anguish.


Oh, how I wish I could undo mine,

alter the blood pumping and spilling through

my body. To crush my anguish

a wish we all want.


But there is a cost. A tie needs

to be broken. A tie deeper

than any story told, or forged.

This tie started long before we

drew out first breath.


We owe it to those before us

the people of our past and future.


Being tormented because of missed opportunities;

a fire that burns deep within our hearts;

a chance to relinquish evil pursuits;

a chance to forget unhappiness;

a chance to become joy.


It is a chance we need to take

forsake what we want to be ours

and hold onto what is ours.

A chance to learn new concepts and ideas.

A chance to forgive and forget,

to understand that there is a selfless

sacrifice made every time someone who cares about us

pushes us to our potentiality

because they see what we can’t.

Especially in our darkest moments,

when we done all but fail to succeed.

They take our hands, and help us

to stand on our feet.


Yes, there are numerous paths we can take

but of all the selfless sacrifices made

and of all the cheated moments

stolen from me,

I’m forever glad of….

the one beneath my feet.



rocks in river

He stares at the water

Calm and tranquil

Opposite to his rushing emotions

Twirling, roaring, soaring, tumbling, twisting, falling

Falling…. falling…. falling….

Nothing could bring him back,

That pain, that anguish,

The kind made from love,

The kind that breaks, shakes, and burns

The kind, where there is no cure.


There is silence in the air

A breathing calmness to be endured.

He remembered her laugh,

Silky and smooth.

Nothing like his roughness

Just the exact opposite.

Her elegance was

His downfall.


Broken and bruised

Shattered and torn

Left to crumble in the dust

He stares at the water

Calm and tranquil

A stark contrast to his



In a rush of anguish,

Cries unheard

He throws a pebble,

Small and smooth

And watches it plunk

Into the water.


He does it again and again

Watching the stones sink

Each one an attribute of her

Until forgotten

For she has become the

River itself.




Employment Exploration

Business Card:

For this assignment we had to gather business cards that we found appealing to us. Then in class, we were divided into smaller groups to discuss the different types of genre’s present within each business card. We placed the cards into different groups, classifying them according to style, texture, content, etc…

During peer reviews, each group had to exchange their summary behind the purpose of a business card and what aspects they defined as being essential, with another two groups. After reading the summaries of other groups, my own group concluded that we all more or less agreed upon the same things. However, after reading the review we had received from another group, I learned that while our group found one attribute of a business card important, the other group thought it to be unimportant yet valuable nonetheless.

The project for this assignment was to then create a business card for our future professions. Here is a link to my Business Card.


The purpose of this project, besides learning how to format a resume, was to teach us students how to design a resume for a specific job. We learned different techniques, including how to minimize and use blank space, how to make the resume stand out, and how to make the content relevant to the job, or how to apply developed talents to the specific area. Here are two versions of the same resume that I created this year. The first one has a lot of blank space and thus isn’t the preferred method of a Resume. While I found it to be quite interesting, at first, I must agree that it does seem a bit vacant and way too spacey. The second resume I only modified later on, and as such it’s audience is different from the previous one.

Blank resume and Resume

Cover Letter:

One of my favourite expenditures in learning what to do with this project was when we read one of the worst cover letters ever. In reading through this example we talked about some of the important aspects we needed to focus on when creating our cover letter content. Things like, selling yourself (which I absolutely hate), explaining how the Job’s goals correspond and connect with yours, and that you are aware of what their requirements are.

For this particular assignment we had to choose a future job that we could potentially see us working in. While my blank resume was designed for this same position, I believe that my cover letter turned out better. The structure, format, and tone seemed to have developed better, and thus had a better flow and sound to it.

China Cover letter

Scholarly Public Engagement

While working on this assignment, I really enjoyed thinking about how to address different audiences. Generally speaking, when creating an article we tend to focus on the intended audience, rather than focusing on a different audience altogether. While doing so is important, it also is important to think of how to address a different audience and still convey the same message, just in a different tone and style. Such a concept is actually used on a daily basis.

As we interact with different individuals we subconsciously change the tone and mode to suit them. Different people speak different lingo, and communicate in different manners. This same skill can be applied when addressing multiple individuals of different groups, thus the purpose of this Popular Audience assignment was to allow us to express our very same Research Article, just in a different tone, and style.

Popular Article Final


Academic Exploration

Here is a link to the Journal Presentation I completed for my ENG 252 class. The Journal I chose was the Journal of Creative Writing Studies, and honestly I think it is an amazing Journal. There are so many different ideas that every scholar has provide on how to use creative writing, wether or not to benefit L2 learners, or just regular people who wish to better their english to the point of having it published.

My research article was designed to more or less fit the Journal I chose. For this project the wording is geared towards a scholarly audience, while the font size, header, logo etc… is formatted according to the Journal’s criteria’s. The topic of my article is how to define creativity. My original topic was to discuss how creativity and culture impact each other, however I later on decided to change course (slightly) and talk more on what elements of creativity there are.

What are the Elements of Creativity_ 1